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In order to add value to the pieces of fabric of hundreds of years different types of blankets have been produced by joining the fabrics.

It was needed to give some designs and figures to the formed blankets and then this exhausting work has been turned to an art.

These Works formed by the psychology  and interaction of war and misery time have been followed by different applied synthesis  and from patch to art extending developing process.

This till to the present day extended art has been migrated to our language due to foreign  publications about “forty patches” with the word “patchwork” .

Patchwork is the entire technique of fabric joining.

Even it is mentioned by a foreign name patchwork is an art developed by our grandmothers.

This art branch, which is called forty patches, forty pieces or ragtag is again popular and more popular than before nowadays.

Patchwork is in the form of modern art made of new fabrics and keeping in step with life standard and latest developments.

It is the sewing and application of different cloths to constitute certain patterns. It is applied in Anatolia and also in many cities nowadays.

As it has been developed into a kind of industry foremost in America but also in other European countries,  it is launched us as a foreign art.

The used material, pattern books and even the fabric are sold in the market supplied from abroad.